Best Pillow for Shoulder Pain Reviews Update 05/2022

Best Pillow For Neck And Shoulder Pain Side Sleeper

Many of us have complained about our backaches or neck pain. The discomfort is so great that we often need to take pain medication to alleviate the pain. There are now several types of pillows that provide good relief from the pain of neck and shoulder pain.

best pillow for shoulder pain

We can get down on our knees or lie on our backs but none of these positions provide the comfort and support we need to relieve the pain from neck and shoulder pain. If you want to relieve the pain from neck and shoulder pain and you have limited mobility then I have the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain side sleeper.

A side sleeper offers additional support for your neck and shoulder because it moves around in a way that a standard pillow does not. As you lay on your side and head is partially buried in your pillow you provide your back with added support. The side sleeper gives you more circulation and that is always good when you have neck and shoulder pain.

The side sleeper is a firm pillow. You will notice that the cover of the pillow is not totally flat as most pillows are. This means you will be able to adjust the cover as needed to get the right level of firmness.

When you lay on your side on a side sleeper, you will find that your body weight is distributed more evenly. The side sleeper allows you to stay relaxed and this is one of the reasons it is so comforting.

Another benefit is that you will be able to move around without discomfort. Sleeping on your side is so much easier than sleeping on your back. You will find that you will sleep better and spend less time awake from the day due to the lack of movement from your back.

It is true that if youare going to use a side sleeper then you will need to buy a bed frame that has enough support. You will also need a mattress that will fit inside the frame to make sure that your back and neck do not hit the frame as you sleep.

If you use a side sleeper, such as the Ergo Roller, then you can adjust the softness of the cover. Some covers are just too firm and will keep you from sleeping well.

Most side sleeper pillows are covered with a soft memory foam that will mold to your body and provide good support. There are different sizes of side sleeper.

Some are large enough to be used on the bed frame but other options are those that have a support band around the sides. These are ideal for people who use the Ergo Roller with a side sleeper.

The memory foam type will be firmer than a foam type or a conventional mattress. This is one of the many reasons that the Ergo Roller makes a great side sleeper.

The side sleeper is also great for those that have back problems because the built in rollers will help prevent backaches. The combination of the memory foam and the rollers will help to ease the discomfort that comes from the various types of pains in the back.