Best TMJ Pillow Update 05/2022

Best Pillow For TMJ

best tmj pillow

There are numerous products on the market for TMJ disorders. Many sufferers are frustrated and many times, as the symptoms seem to get worse, they resort to trying to figure out how to get the best pillow for TMJ problems. While the best pillow for TMJ is more of a complex issue than what you think, it is necessary to understand the problem before you can even think about solving it. Here are some tips for the best pillow for TMJ.

You might have heard that a TMJ is caused by overusing your teeth, which involves using your hands to bite down and squeeze them. This leads to stress, irritation, and pressure on the nerves, bones, and muscles of your face. The muscles around your jaw, chin, and teeth can become very tense. The pain is almost immediate.

With constant tension, tiny fractures will form. These can become very painful and have been known to cause the person with the TMJ to have pain all the way from their neck to their shoulder.

What does a good pillow for TMJ look like? Let’s take a look at the different types of pillow:

These are the most popular pillows available. They provide comfort, support, and durability. Most are considered to be one size fits most. However, they are not very portable. They do not provide the full range of support, nor can they be adjusted.

Some people like to compare these pillows to custom made seating or bed pillows. A custom made pillow is made specifically for you, so you know exactly what type of pillow you will be sleeping on. They might also have additional features such as thumb holes, cushions, or other specializations.

The next type of pillow is the wide pillow style. You might not think that they provide a lot of support. But they actually do. The wide pillow provides a good range of support that includes the neck, the shoulders, and the head.

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A rigid pillow has ribs or bars in the back and the bottom. They are designed to provide maximum support without the need for additional features. Some are designed to easily accommodate anyone.

These pillows are great for those who want a little more support for their neck and head. This type of pillow can help you stay asleep faster.

An orthopedic pillow is designed to conform to your shape. It allows your body to fit into its contours without having to exert too much effort when sleeping. They provide support for the entire body, not just your neck and head.

These pillows are not for everyone. There are concerns with their tendency to shift, and problems with their density. This could pose a problem for people who struggle with their neck. People who suffer from TMJ disorder might be better off looking for a pillow that provides full-body support.

The best pillow for TMJ is a custom made pillow, that includes a host of features. If you are not sure whether or not you suffer from this condition, you should consult your doctor and/or dentist before you try to use one of these pillows. Do not spend your hard earned money on something that you might end up giving up on later.