How Do You Choose the Best Pillows For Occipital Nerve Pain? Update 05/2022

How Do You Choose the Best Pillows For Occipital Nerve Pain?

How do you choose the best pillow for occipital neuralgia? If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from this condition, you are certainly not alone.

best pillow for occipital neuralgia

There are actually thousands of other people who suffer from this type of pain in their neck. This condition also commonly occurs in the head and face.

Occipital nerve pain can occur because of a small injury that occurs in the area of the neck. In some cases, it can result from repetitive motions that cause the movement of the neck.

Symptoms can vary greatly depending on the severity of the situation. For example, this pain can feel sharp or tingling and can extend all the way down to the back of the leg.

People with this particular form of pain will experience something similar to numbness or tingling when they move the head. Some sufferers may feel some discomfort but not enough to disrupt normal daily life.

Pain can spread quickly through the spine and nerves and may be one of the most painful kinds of pain you can imagine. While there is no cure for this pain, there are ways to treat it.

This pain is not typically a very good sleep for sufferers because it can interfere with quality sleep. Sufferers often try to sleep on their side rather than the stomach.

By keeping the body in side positions, sufferers find they wake up feeling better when the head is properly supported. Some sufferers prefer to use special pillows in order to sleep on their sides rather than on their backs.

There are two main types of pillows that you can use in order to help support your neck. The first type is a special pillow specifically designed for use in treating this pain.

The second type is a special pillow that is used in a natural way. Instead of using the pillows as a replacement for traditional pillows, these pillows are put directly against the body in order to provide additional support for the neck.

While most people do not have a problem with the neck support that a pillow provides, some people may have more problems with neck pain. In those situations, you may have to change the position of the position that you sleep in.

Using the appropriate pillow can really help you get a good night’s sleep. For many people, the pain that they experience from this condition is worth the occasional headache that they experience in the morning.